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  • What does the country code mean for films?

    DVDs and Blu-rays can be assigned a country code to allow playback only in certain regions. To play them, you need a code-free player or a player from the respective region.

    DVD country codes
    0 - These DVDs can be played everywhere
    1 - USA, Canada and US territories
    2 - Western and Central Europe, Greenland, South Africa, Egypt and Middle East, Japan
    3 - South East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan
    4 - Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, South America
    5 - Eastern Europe, and other countries of the former USSR, India, Africa
    6 - People’s Republic of China

    Blu-ray country codes
    A - North and South America (except French overseas territories), Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
    B - Europe (including Greenland and French overseas territories, excluding the European part of Russia), Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Australia
    C - India, Nepal, China, Russia, Central and South Asia

    4K UltraHDs no longer have a country code and can therefore be played worldwide without any restrictions

  • When do customs duties apply?

    From a product value of EUR 22.00, customs duties and a custom administration fee of EUR 6.00 may apply.

  • Age rating
    Age rating
  • Is it possible to return goods?

    Returns should be sent to us as described below:

    Form "Return delivery to CeDe-Shop AG" (PDF format)

    Please enclose the relevant invoice with the returned goods and send them in the original packaging. The return note is to be applied to the packaging in a clearly visible position.

    Please note: When using this return note, returning goods is free of charge for you! No postage is required!

    Please complete the return note as per the following guide:

    1. Sender: Your current address
    2. Invoice number: The invoice number which you received from us at the same time as the article.
    3. Customs declaration:
      1. Quantity and detailed description of the content
        For example:
        • 1 x Compact Disc (CD)
        • 1 x Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
        • 1 x Blu-ray Disc
      2. Approximate weight in kilograms (without weight unit). The weight of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray including packaging is around 160 grams, i.e. 0.160 kilogram.
        For example:
        • 0.160
      3. Value of the article and the relevant currency. You will find the value on our invoice which you will have received together with the article.
        For example:
        • EUR 14.99
        • € 14.99
      4. Customs tariff number and origin: always 8523.4022.
      5. Total weight of all articles in this return delivery
      6. Total value with currency of all articles in this return delivery
      7. Date and signature